Uncategorized 5 Fresh Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 5 Fresh Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Backsplashes have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Once installed only to protect walls from water, grease and food splatter, the original backsplashes were just four inches high and had little decorative appeal. Today’s backsplashes are essential kitchen accents, adding vibrant pops of color, light and texture — […]
Uncategorized LOWER RATES, MORE LISTINGS LOWER RATES, MORE LISTINGS: WHAT LIES AHEAD FOR HOUSING THIS YEAR Every year, market forecasts are put together to help agents get a perspective for what’s ahead. They’re based on the latest expert insights and data, giving you the projections you need to educate yourself and your sphere. This year, however, is a little more […]
Uncategorized Embracing the Ozarks: The Corporate Migration to Northwest Arkansas Embracing the Ozarks: The Corporate Migration to Northwest Arkansas Recently on social media, we’ve delved into the states with the highest migration rates to Arkansas, focusing on the individual homeowner’s perspective. Today, let’s shift to examples of companies making this region their home and explore what this means for our community and the economy alike. […]
Uncategorized Can’t Buy the House You Want? Consider Moving Out of the City If you’re a city dweller and have found yourself frustrated with the local real estate market, relocating to a smaller town might seem like an attractive possibility in the near future. Maybe you’re reaching a different stage of your life — such as growing your family or approaching retirement — […]
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